Pick the right security system for your home!

Selecting a security system for your home may be one of the most important decisions you make. The system will help protect the valuables you worked so hard for. More importantly, it will give you and your family a secure feeling while you sleep at night or are away from home. When you purchase a security system from Bastion Security, you’ll be getting the highest quality, most advanced equipment available, yet our products are so easy to use.
We offer a variety of components that will suit the security needs of your home. For example, our “pet immune” motion detectors will help ensure that your pet won’t set of the alarm while your away. Monitored smoke detectors installed in strategic areas provide protection from fire. Emergency or medical buttons can alert someone to provide assistance.
With Bastion Security, you have the opportunity to choose a system that meets your needs. Hardwire or wireless, you’ll feel secure knowing that you’ve done the most to protect your home and family.