Automated Security Lighting for your home and business

Adjustable Security Lighting Suited To The Activity And Time Of Day

Varying the quality of the light has a powerful impact on the ambiance of a space and can change the mood. Think of the flood lights that detectives in the movies use on the suspects or the candlelight of a romantic scene. Lighting should be commensurate with the nature of the activity. It should add drama to the artworks displayed on the walls and make your garden at night even more stunning than it is by day.

You probably want lots of bright light when entertaining a group of friends; or perhaps you prefer to set up the lighting to accent your drapes and furnishings and to highlight the paintings on the wall. You can stage manage the events at your home.

Bright light may stimulate joking and laughter; dimming the light may invite more contemplative conversation. For an intimate gathering you can set up romantic lighting for a special dinner. In your child’s bedroom, set up lighting to dim gradually after the bedtime story and let the lights fade to induce sleep.

With products like Pulseworx and Leviton we can completely automate your home or office. Check out the demonstration below.