Residential and Commercial Alarm Monitoring

At Bastion Security we offer excellence and innovation in the service of Monitoring. We provide monitoring services for residential, commercial, fire alarms and medical systems.

We go above and beyond the competition when it comes to Monitoring systems. We plan for the worst case scenario every time, so that you don’t have to. When your alarm signal activates we can ensure that your call will go directly to the first monitoring station. If for some reason this monitoring station is unable to answer your call due to unforeseen circumstances, four backup stations will receive your call, receive the alarm signals and dispatch police or fire departments immediately.

Having access to five linked monitoring stations is what sets us apart from the crowd and allows us to serve you better. These stations are located in Burnaby, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. We operate our services in three different languages including English, French and Chinese.

Bastion Security utilizes Lanvac, our third party ULC monitoring provider, to receive alarm signals and calls. The reason for having five stations is a redundancy policy, where if an alarm signal originates from within British Columbia, it will be handled by operators in Burnaby. However, if the Burnaby station is busier-than-normal, your alarm signal will automatically be routed to another station.

Cellular phone back up service is available. At Bastion Security we pride ourselves on our wireless communications system for security monitoring. Our wireless communications system reports alarms, operational status, and event messages reliably and securely. The wireless system does this instantly via central station receivers, phone, internet and email whenever an event occurs.

At Bastion Security our goal is to keep your home or business protected and secured. We go above and beyond the call of most security companies. In fact, we are proud to guarantee our monitoring rates for three years. Call Bastion Security today and see the difference for yourself.

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